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Do you want children and adolescents to discover their talents? Do you want to help them realise the impact they can have on others and the neighbourhood they live in? Join Move!

Read below how you can participate as a volunteer, what we can do for your school or how you can become a partner.

You can also contact us directly, by using the contact form at the bottom of this page. We would be happy to answer your questions.

Join as a student or YOUNG PROFESSIONAL

Do you want to make a social contribution, work with children and/or adolescents, develop your own talents, expand your network and work on your resume? Join one of our Move projects! You can participate in many ways. Together we can find a project that fits your interests and schedule. Check out the possibilities and get in touch!

Participate as a school

Do you want to offer your pupils an unforgettable and educational experience? Take a look at our Move projects! Move has projects for primary schools, ‘vmbo’ and after school childcare facilities. Contact us for more info or click the link below for information in Dutch.

Join Move, doe mee pagina engels, sterk meisje

Team up with Move

Together we stand strong! Are you an organisation, entrepreneur, institution or individual and do you want to improve the equity, citizenship education, social participation and talent development of children and young people in the Netherlands? Click the link below or contact us for more information on how to team up with us.

Contact us

Excited? So are we! Below you can ask a question or inform us in what way you would like to join Move.


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