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De Catamaran in actie!

Studenten van Unicef gaan samen met leerlingen van De Catamaran iets terug doen voor hun wijk ‘IJsselmonde’. Bekijk hier alle updates van dit project!

Project updates

De helden van Lomba!

Krantenartikel Havenloods:

Isabel Avendaño Ibáñez

Hands On! Time to put our talents together.

Community Plastics open this session wonderfully. Frans Taminiau, a Community Plastics representative, gave a workshop to exhibit great efforts people make to bring plastic-free neighborhoods in Rotterdam. The kids felt empowered by realizing the change they can provide for the neighborhood.

After the workshop, the class was divided into 4 groups, based on their results for the talent quiz. Each group was in charge of developing a structure (such as timetable, invitations, flyers, and groceries list) for the Cleaning Competition and the Festive Ending events. We are almost ready to go!

The next session will be the Festive Ending event. The students and the children are very enthusiastic about the cleaning competition. Looking forward to seeing a plastic-free neighborhood.

Isabel Avendaño Ibáñez

Erasmus University, here we go!

The day has finally arrived. Children from De Catamaran Lombardijen are going to University for a day. The visit started with a dancing class to warm up our excitement (and to prepare for the walking tour around Erasmus University campus Woudestein, of course). The kids expressed great admiration for the establishment and became very interested in joining in the future. In the end, the children experienced a real class at university from Hans van den Berg, a talented academic from Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB).

Isabel Avendaño Ibáñez

Time to bring the winning idea into reality!

As you know, the vote results were announced in this session and we are excited to say that the winning idea is … “A cleaning competition around the neighborhood”! The children were very enthusiastic after the results were revealed.

For developing further steps, the kids took a Talent Quiz to recognize their best skills and thrive them in the process of bringing the winning idea into reality!

Isabel Avendaño Ibáñez

De Catamaran exploring the neighborhood.

The children and students explored the neighborhood to search for ideas on how to improve the environment in the area. After the exploration, a brainstorming session for solutions to decrease the amount of trash in the streets took place. Amazing ideas arised! Furthermore, the children voted for their Top 3 suggestions during the last part of the session. The results will be announced during session 3.

Isabel Avendaño Ibáñez

De Catamaran Lombardijen up and running!

During the first meeting, the children and the students were able to get to know each other through activities in which they shared their favorite thing from nature.

Additionally, the students showed pictures of how a “typical day at university” looks like. As a result the kids became very motivated to do the University Visit in May.

Isabel Avendaño Ibáñez

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