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Move in Tilburg

Jeanne d’Arc in actie!

Leerlingen van de Jenaplanbasisschool Jeanne d’Arc komen samen met studenten van ESN in actie om hun buurt een boost te geven! Bekijk snel alle updates van dit project!

Project updates

Student outing to tilburg university

On this session, we were able to invite the students of Jeanne d’Arc Primary School and some of the teaching staff for a student outing to Tilburg University. During this outing, we were able to show the kids the activities that happen at the University and what student life is all about.

Firstly, once the kids reached Tilburg University, we welcomed them with a small session of the dilemma game. The questions for the game were related to student life and the kids were asked to build their opinions on what a student life might look like. Continuing, we had the chance of inviting two speakers from two student associations who talked about their experience in their respective association as a student. Between the two presentations, we gave the children some time for a break and have some delicious morning snacks! Then, we moved on to a fun activity of lemonade pong to blow off some steam. I am confident to say that the children had a lot of fun and everyone was able to enjoy the time we had for the activity. Lastly, on our last part of the student outing, we took the children for a campus tour where we had the chance to show them some of the lecture rooms, the cafeteria and some of our favourite spots to study. Overall, it was a very fun day where both children and the adults got the enjoy. Even though the weather was not really on our side, that definitely did not stop us from having a fun day!


Project planning

On the third session, we had the chance to further discuss our project with the Jeanne d’Arc Primary School children. We started the session with a little bit of fun in celebration of Sinterklaas and had some delicious Pepernoten! However, we had to sadly inform them about a slight change to the original plan of cleaning the pond. Due to unforeseen situations we are not able to continue with the original plan. We then asked the children to re-vote on a project that we can do to replace the previous one. After much consideration, the children voted on the project of cleaning up the neighbourhood. Moreover, use the trash we will be collecting to make a sculpture that is going to be showcased during the festive ending. In hope to create awareness of the amount of trash around the neighbourhood.

The children were also divided into different talent groups: blue (explorers), yellow (designers), green (organisers), and orange (narrators). This was to divide the tasks of planning for the project and to give them different responsibilities that fit them best. During the planning session, the children were very enthusiastically participating and were able to give wonderful ideas on how the project should be. I personally was in charge of the orange group and we were able to work together with the yellow group in designing posters. I have to say, they are the most creative and thoughtful students. With their help, I am very positive about the running of our project until the very end!


Neighbourhood exploration day!

On the second session, together with the Jeanne d’Arc Primary School children, we had the opportunity to explore the neighbourhood and interview several local residents. With their chosen theme of Safety and Welfare, we prepared a list of guiding questions for the children to use when interviewing the local residents. They were based on the issues around the neighbourhood and the possible changes that they would like to see. During this exploration, the children were very enthusiastically participating. So, it is safe to say, it was a huge success!

With the information we gathered during the exploration, we continued with the session by brainstorming ideas to improve the neighbourhood together with the children. The children were divided into 5 groups and each group pitched in an idea of a project that can help improve the neighbourhood. There were many amazing ideas that the children came up with. However, their favourite idea was the project to clean their local pond! Therefore, next week we will start the planning of the execution of the project. We are excited to make this project come to life!


Kennismaken in het engels

De kinderen van basisschool de Jeanne d’Arc gaan een heel bijzonder Move-project doen. Zij gaan het project in het Engels doen! Het Engels van sommige kinderen is echt al heel erg goed. Tijdens het voorstelrondje van de studenten werd duidelijk dat ze van over heel de wereld komen, en daarom dus ook veel verschillende talen kennen. Soms zorgt het nog wel een klein beetje voor verwarring. Zo vroeg een leerling zich af of Bianka, die uit ‘Hungary’ komt, dan ook altijd ‘hungry’ is en of alle mensen daar dus altijd honger hebben. Dit is gelukkig niet zo te zijn, haha!

Binnen het thema Veiligheid & Vrijheid gaan ze komende week de wijk in om buurtbewoners te interviewen. De kinderen hebben zelf al veel ideeën en zien ‘iets met een actie tegen pesten’ of een project met een sportief element wel zitten. Wij zijn in ieder geval heel erg benieuwd wat ze allemaal nog meer gaan bedenken!


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