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Move in Tilburg

Jeanne d’Arc in action!

Together, children from primary school Jeanne d’Arc and students from Outreaching & S4S get in action. Stay tuned and check out the project updates!

Project updates

“Understanding: Nature”

Finalizing our ‘Nature’ themed sessions, we got a more hands-on experience due to the ‘not so strict’ covid-19 regulations.


Getting to know each other!

On the 20th of November, we started the Move-project at Jeanne d’Arc primary school. The session started with an introductory round, where the children had to take a piece of toilet paper, tell something about themselves and throw it to the next person. Soon it became clear that the class consisted of children with diverse backgrounds.

The session continued and we played a lot of games. First, we played ’two truths and one lie’ to get to know each other. Second, a Kahoot quiz as an introduction to the theme Nature & Environment. In addition, we played the 10 minutes game. In this game, we divided the children into 5 teams and asked them to carry out 6 tasks, which were linked to the theme of Nature & Environment. One of those tasks was writing a poem in English. One team came up with the funny poem “ROSES ARE RED, VIOLATES ARE BLUE, CLIMATE CHANGE IS FOR YOU”!


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