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Move in Eindhoven

Students of the Tarieq Ibnoe Ziyad school in action!

Students of group 8B of the Tarieq Ibnoe Ziyad school will come in action together with international students from TU Eindhoven. Around the theme of Arts & Culture, they want to do something for the neighbourhood. Read along to find out what their plans are!

Leerlingen van groep 8B van de Tarieq Ibnoe Ziyad school komen samen met internationale studenten van TU Eindhoven in actie voor de wijk! Rondom het thema kunst & cultuur willen zij iets betekenen voor de wijk. Lees snel verder wat de plannen zijn!

Project updates

Festive ending

Finally, the day to realize our idea has come! During this session we painted graffiti and celebrated our final session by breaking a pinata.

The session started with a brief explanation by the graffiti artist regarding the safety concern and basic knowledge on how to spray the paint on the board. Students from Tariq Ibnoe Ziyad were very excited to start painting and realize their graffiti design.

The students were divided into four groups; two groups were working together with guidance from the graffiti artist. Filling up the sketch that had been prepared beforehand by the artist based on the design the pupils gave him. They want to paint something that means a lot and spread a good message. Reflected from the design that contained twenty flags of different countries with “keep smiling” caption ????.
“Unfortunately, we could not realize our design on the wall that we found in the neighborhood due to the permission but painting on the board is still really fun!” – Karim from the 8B group.

After we finished painting the graffiti, we also had to break a pinata together and enjoy the chocolates, candies, and biscuits.

Time flies so fast! We’ve been working together with the kids for a couple of sessions and finally close the session with a concrete result that hopefully someday would benefit the neighborhood. Lastly, Karim student from 8B group gave a speech to thank the volunteers for their guidance and patience during the sessions.


Festive ending preparation

Hello! on the last Tuesday afternoon, we visited the school again and collaborated with the children to do some preparation for our festive ending session.
In this session, there are four groups of five or six children. They are explorers, designers, narrators, and organizers groups. They have specific tasks to work on during this session. The organizer group has to think about the program and time planning. The explorer group responsible to find out what materials are needed and get insight into the costs.
In the festive ending session, we are going to paint a graffiti and we have to prepare for the design, therefore, the designer group in this session has to create some designs so the other children could choose the best one to be realized during the festive ending session. Finally, for the documentation and communication we have the narrator group that need to prepare the speech, interview other children, and make a letter for the municipality for permission.
Finally, we did the preparation for the festive ending and we are very excited to see the graffiti.


Active Outing into Student Life

During this session, we collaborated with the Social Heroes from TU/e to introduce the student life to the pupils of Tariq Ibnoe Ziyad school. We had a tour to the university and visited lecture halls, the library of TU Eindhoven and several innovation buildings. We might have a question, what is Social Hero?
Social Heroes is part of the ‘Heroes like You’ 65th anniversary of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). As a university, they want to give something back to the city and its people with a social question or challenge. Together with students, researchers, employees, and local parties & initiatives, they want to utilize their expertise and helping hands to build bridges between the university and the city. To become a Social Hero, TU/e students and employees can join projects founded with parties of the city Eindhoven.
After the session ended, the kids said they were very enthusiastic participating in this session because it helps them to get some insight on what the student life is about. It answered their curiosity and give them opportunity to interact with the student of TU/e.


Selection and elaboration

In this session we were very excited to see what ideas the kids want to realize during the festive ending. We start the session with a brainstorming in subgroups. Each group created a mural with a lot of ideas, then one volunteer of each group presented their mural in front of the class. Everyone was very curious with the ideas, and finally after all groups presented their mural, we had four ideas ready to vote.

The four ideas are to paint graffiti on the wall, repair the basketball ring, repair the chilling place, and spray/repaint the dirty wall. We also had a voting session to choose which idea we will realize in the next session. Each person can vote for their two best ideas.

With their votes, the kids decided to paint graffiti on the wall! Cannot wait to realize this idea together in the upcoming session!


Exploring the Neighborhood with Tariq Ibnoe ZIyad Students

Hey! We went back to the Tarieq Ibnoe Ziyad school again.
In this session, we explored the neighborhood around Woenzel-Zuid with the kids. We had four groups of five and within the groups there were four different roles. One navigator, the one who leads the way using the printed map we provided. One journalist, responsible to write some questions and interview the residents we meet during the exploration. Two observers, who help to spot interesting places and also take some beautiful pictures. Finally, one timekeeper to keep us on time.
The weather was great, we explored under the sunshine which was really nice. Some residents were also interviewed to give us more insight and ideas. At the end, we found several places considered as a good place to realize ideas.
Upcoming session the children will choose the idea which they would like to realize. We are curious what good idea they will choose, because they had so many great ones. Very exciting!


Get Acquinted with students of Tarieq Ibnoe Ziyad school

We are four international students from the TU/e and together with 22 pupils from group 8b from the Tarieq Ibnoe Ziyad school we want to bring positive impact to the school’s neighborhood in Eindhoven.

Our first session was about getting acquainted. The session was full of joy and fun, we played some games and shared stories about our student life to the children. The pupils were very curious and cooperated well. During our brainstorm session about the neighborhood we gained a lot ideas about what we can improve with regards to Arts & Culture, which is the theme of the project. The pupils had ideas such as drawing meaningful art to add more attraction in the playground, organizing food markets based on different cultures and repairing playgrounds in the neighborhood. Next session we will explore the neighborhood and we will visit all the places the pupils think that need to be improved. Also, the pupils will talk to local residents to find out what the local residents think is necessary in the neighborhood. This way the pupils will gain more and better ideas, which will eventually lead to the idea we are going to elaborate on together and realize.

We’re all excited to explore the neighborhood in the next session to gain even more ideas!
– Respa –


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