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Move in Rotterdam

Project over “Arts & Culture” in Rotterdam-Noord

Studenten van EFR en leerlingen van basisschool De Fontein gaan samen een project opzetten over Kunst & Cultuur in Rotterdam Noord. Op deze pagina kan jij alle ins en outs volgen!

Project updates

Preparing the project

During the third think and do session we focused our attention towards the preparation of the project. The class was split into groups based on what the children were good at. This was identified through a talent quiz that we organized for the class at the beginning. Each group adopted a certain role that was responsible for a specific part of the project. The roles were the designers, explorers, narrators and organizers. At this the point the children seemed to be really dedicated towards the project as they gave us a really good perspective of how they envisioned the project to be and the ideas they wanted to incorporate. At the end a student from each group summarized the outcome of the discussion and what the main points were. In the following weeks we look forward towards putting all this preparation into practice and implement the ideas we came up with the children.


Improving the neighborhood

In our second meeting our plan was to explore the neighborhood to get an idea of what the children think about it and what places they preferred the most. We did this with the use of google maps as each group had a laptop that we used to navigate around the neighborhood. The children seemed to be very knowledgeable about the neighborhood as they provided us with a good insight of some of the places that were accessible that we could potentially work with. We also received various different opinions regarding which places were the most enjoyable to spent time in and what facilities they used the most. This set us up perfectly for us to begin brainstorming about potential ideas we could pursue. Our brainstorming session went very well as it appeared that children were extremely passionate about creating a positive impact in the neighborhood. We then selected the top 5 ideas in order to begin the vote. From the results of the vote we ended up choosing a bake sale for the neighborhood targeted especially at the homeless. Now that we have decided on our idea we all look forward towards preparing and implementing it after the holiday.


Getting to know each other

The first think & do session took place at the primary school De Fontein in the Northern part of Rotterdam. To get to know the class a bit better we started off with a game that consisted of everyone telling one truth and one lie about themselves which we then had to guess. The game got everyone really excited which proved to be very beneficial in getting the class to be more proactive with us. Following that we answered some of the questions about student life that they had written earlier. After that we split the class into groups of 4 or 5 where each one of us took one group that we had to lead. We encouraged the children to express their thoughts and feelings about the neighborhood for each theme we had. This gave us a better understanding of what of their interests are in terms of doing a project for the neighborhood. We then concluded with a vote to decide which theme we were going to choose. The majority voted for Arts & Culture as the main theme. Overall we had some great ideas such as setting up a painting workshop for the neighborhood, in the next think & do session we look forward to exploring the neighborhood to come up with more ideas.


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