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VSPA en 16e Montessori gaan samen voor Gein

Leerlingen van de 16e Montessori komen samen met studenten van VSPA in actie om hun buurt een boost te geven! Bekijk snel alle updates van dit project!

Project updates

Second Session of MOVE in Gein, NL

During the second Move session, the children from group 8 from the Montessori school in Gein, went on the street, to find out what they could improve in their town. The children were very excited, to get out of the classroom and explore. Before, they could get started, the children were divided in groups of four. Enthusiastically, they decided which role they wanted to take on. The interviewer, who had to ask questions about what people want to improve. The journalist, who had to write down the answers. The navigator, who decided where to go. And the time keeper, who took care, that the whole group would be back in school on time. Each group was accompanied by at least one Move student. With no hesitation, all of them wandered off in different directions. They were surprised to find out, that there was actually a lot trash lying around town, and that the people they interviewed had a lot of thoughts, how they could help improve Gein. There was one place, where all the groups stopped. The elderly home of accompanied living. The children thought that especially the elderly in Gein, seemed to be lonely and in need of a fun time. Back in the classroom, they decided, that they wanted to improve Gein, by organizing a fun day at the elderly home. The students promised to see what they could find out, and if it would actually be possible to organize something like that.

Barbara Csicsely

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