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Do you like meeting new people next to your study or job? Do you want to contribute to society, develop your talents, expand your network and work on your resume? Help out as a student volunteer in a Move project! You can participate in different ways. Read all about the projects below and find out which project suits your interests and schedule!

Which project do you choose?

Move je buurt

In our MOVE JE BUURT project (Move Your Neighbourhood) you work together with other students in a class of children of 11/12 years old for several months. We work with schools in areas where the majority of the population has a lower socio-economic status. You will have meetings with the class seven times. Together you will explore the neighbourhood of the school and come up with an idea to improve the area. You also give the children a glimpse into your life as a student!

In short:

  • Contribute to the city you study in;
  • Give children a glimpse into your life as a student;
  • Receive a training on teaching and didactics;
  • Expand your network and boost your resume;
  • Work together with four/five other students;
  • Time commitment: 4 to 6 months, 2 to 4 hours per week;

Contact us for more information or sign up via the button below!

Move in 1 DaG

Join MOVE IN 1 DAG (Move in 1 Day)! During Move in 1 Dag, children discover their own talents, put them to use and make an impact on their own neighbourhood. They learn how to make a social contribution and experience they can make a difference in just one day.

Together with other volunteers you help the children to come up with a plan and help them to realise their plans. A fun and eye-opening experience!

In short:

  • Work with children and other volunteers to improve the neighbourhood;
  • Create impact in 1 day;
  • Make a social contribution and work on your resume;
  • Time commitment: one day per project;
  • You can participate once or multiple times;

Contact us for more information or sign up via the button below!

move your world

Join MOVE YOUR WORLD! With this project, pre-vocational secondary education students (VMBO) aged 12-14, help others, based on their own ideas and talents. You help the students to come up with ideas and to realise their plans. You celebrate the achieved success together with them.

In short:

  • Help VMBO students discover their talents and possibilities;
  • Receive training in didactic and coaching skills;
  • Together with another student from our trainer pool;

Contact us for more information or sign up via the button below!


During MOVE MAATJE (Move Buddy) you support elementary school students with their transition to high school. Many children do not have the support at home they need.

As a buddy you organise six lessons with a child from grade 7 or 8. You act as a mentor and help with assignments, so these children can make an educated choice which high school to go to. You will help boost their confidence so they feel ready for this big step.

  • You will help your buddy discover the following things: Who am I? What am I good at? What schools are there in my area? How do I choose a school? What will change when I go to high school? How do I prepare for that?
  • You get a training about the project. You will also receive a teaching package with lesson plans for the contact moments, tips and tricks on how to guide your buddy and background information on the Dutch school system.
  • Time commitment: over a 6 to 8-week period, you volunteer 2-4 hours a week for Move.

Contact us for more information or sign up via the button below!

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