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Stichting Move believes that every child has the right to broaden their horizon, to discover their talents, and to use these talents to make an impact on their community. You might get far by yourself, but combined efforts can make a real difference! That’s why Move actively collaborates with schools, municipalities, social initiatives, and commercial entities.

lachende kinderen, lachende ouderen, kleinschalige concrete projecten


Move initiates small-scale and hands on projects for students and children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds to create something beautiful together for their neighbourhood. The children are the creative leaders: they come up with the ideas and the students help them to realise their plans. This way children learn about social entrepreneurship, they develop their talents and contribute to their neighbourhood.


sociaal ondernemen, ontwikkelen hun talenten en dragen concreet bij aan hun buurt


More and more companies, institutions, and entrepreneurs recognise the importance of making a positive impact on society. Partnering with Move provides them with a wonderful opportunity for this social entrepreneurship. Due to our small scale projects our partners are closely involved, and the results are immediately visible. Within three to six months, each project concludes with a joyful neighbourhood celebration for everyone who contributed.


For each project, Move collaborates with students to find a social partner: a company, the municipality, a housing corporation, or a local fund that can help bring the idea to life. Together with the students, it’s determined who can contribute to the project. For example financial or material support, expertise, networking, or bringing in other partners. Additionally, we have several structural partners who provide financial support to our organisation as a whole.


Some neighbourhoods could benefit from more positive attention. Children growing up in such environments are paired with students by Move. Together, they create a plan to make their neighbourhood more enjoyable, sustainable, or cleaner. Your support is essential to realise these plans. If you’re a company, entrepreneur, or institution looking to enhance community livability and cohesion in a neighbourhood while nurturing children’s talents, consider becoming a social partner. If you’re an individual looking to contribute, read on and become a Friend of Move!


The Move Foundation is part of the Samenwerkingsverband Kansengelijkheid & Burgerschapsonderwijs (SKB, Collaborative Partnership for Equal Opportunities & Citizenship Education). Together with JINCStichting Jong OndernemenStichting Nederlands Debatinstituut and Stichting Petje Af, we join forces to enhance equal opportunities and provide supplementary citizenship education.

For more information or contact: | | 0617970682

Together, we can contribute to equal opportunities, citizenship education civic participation, and talent development for children and youth in the Netherlands.

We’d love to explore how we can work together with you. Get in touch through the form below to discuss the possibilities. Want to support us? Fantastic! You can make a one-time donation or become a Friend of Move!

Move Is supported by, among others

partners samenwerking samenwerken vrienden van move donateurs

Collaborative Partnership for equal opportunities & Citizenship education (SKB)

SKB is a collaboration of five social organizations focused on increasing equal opportunities and providing supplementary citizenship education. We aim to ensure that all children in the Netherlands have the same opportunities, regardless of their background.

Team up with Move

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